You know, it’s reasonably flat here in Alberta.  Add to that, the roads being so straight, you can easily keep going in one direction for ages and ages and ages. It’s good if you don’t know how to use a steering wheel, or if you like to only get a tan on one side of your body.

Not much more to report as of yet, I’m still behind the times. Check out this sunset!

Canada Day, tomorrow. Let’s see how these folks celebrate themselves.


Glasses and Ping Pong Balls

Ages ago, it rained. It rained a lot. But it was uber fantastic. Yay for wet weather.

Alright, a treat for you fellas today. It’s a bombardment of imagery, from my latest adventures. It’s ze city, and ze mall.

You have your tall buildings, and some other stuff.

Part of the second story, of a mall. Neat-o. It was reasonably quiet. Would’ve been lame sauce if I had to dodge every fucker while trying to navigate my way through this paddock.

A faux beach swimming pool…Indoors. It’s funny, since I’m so used to living near the ocean, I’m only used to seeing people tan on ze sand. Here, people tan inside, as well as at parks.

A pirate ship… with water and stuff. I could’ve made a bad joke, saying the winds really took them to far off lands, and trouble here. But I won’t.

There was a seal show as well, it did tricks and stuff. I wonder if it has ever pooped in front of ze audience?

IKEA! It’s Swedish, you know?

Jabba Wabba Ding Dong

A foggy morning… the train was ghosty like, and everything. Just kidding. It’s a just a train. I mean, come on. Too much tv for you!

Ze Mountain! Was uber. Look at that shit. Really, look at it.                             Just. Look. At. It. Fucker.

Another example of everything being on another scale here. Isn’t she beautiful? Seriously. Just. Look…you get the point.

Pretty…massive Tourist Centre. Legit logs were used for those poles thingies too. It’s the shiz. Fyi, a girl who’s had one too many prozacs, works there. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Don’t go too fast, ’cause if the rams don’t get ya, the cops will…once they get out of McDonalds.

$1 for any sized soft drink! With their large sizes being mega sized; what a bargain!


Poi E

I’m still trying to get used to the long long long, long days. It’s rained a few times now, it’s nice! The days are so long though, 5 am sunrise, 11pm sunsets. That’s insane. FIFA World Cup, only 2days away! Woo.

Starting to get used to the Pontiacs, and such. Fucking Dodge Rams, and Ford F250’s. Everything is on a different scale here. The stores are bigger, the cars are bigger, even the fucking ants are bigger. The accents make me smile, I met a rather hearty lady who asked if New Zealand had snow. I lol’d inside.

Everything’s going ok so far, can’t complain. It’s good to break the routine of my mundane life back home. I do miss the soccer, so very much, it will be difficult to stay fit so I won’t struggle for too long when I get back but it’s worth it. Only a few days in, but it’s still smiles all ’round.

Until next time…Same Bat time, same Bat channel. Ok, maybe not the time, but the same channel. Actually, not even the channel, but you get my drift (you know where to find me at least – ’cause you’re a stalker).

I Survived

I know, I know. It’s been ages since I last updated, I’ve been busy alright???

So here’s Auckland Airport, at night……………………………………..:

The rockies! It was pretty, and pretty, and some more pretty.  The final leg felt like fucking ages.

Weather has been good so far. Not much to complain about.

Still feels like home sometimes. Except flatter, and bigger cars. Bigger everything actually.


Back in a jiffy.

Don’t Cut His Fingers Off! Cut His Toes…

I’m a firm believer in the fact that life is balance. In the sense that, you can always see balance when you analyse things. Of course, this isn’t from some sort of spiritual well that I draw from. It’s more from my own personal experience, and how I’ve interpreted those experiences and observations throughout my life so far.

I like to think, that I’m usually pretty stable with my feelings. I don’t usually swing much to any branches of the extreme, and I’d like to also think, that it reflects outwardly. However, that’s not to say I haven’t experience major ups or downs – suffice it to say, probably everyone has in one form or another.

Things never stay great for me for long, nor does it stay craptacular for long either. When things get great, and I start to enjoy it, no doubt a curve ball will come flying out of left field to smack me in the nuts. Same goes for crap times, things would start to work out, and I’d always find me way towards a better place eventually. That’s how life has been for me. Most of the time though, it’s just somewhere in the middle.

I’m not actually sure why I’ve written what I have, nor the purpose of this entry, but I felt like writing something for the day.

Anyways…every now and then, I like to reflect. I just find myself doing it. Thinking about random shit of no major consequence, it’s probably my way of procrastinating and not doing something productive and useful. There’s enough of those cool people in our society. For the purpose of balance, I’m the lazy shit that is on the other end of the scale. Which, if you think about it, for the sake of this argument, actually serves a useful purpose…

Man I talk a lot of shit. HA! Have a nice day people! I gots work to do now, and a date with your mum later.