The Life and Trials of Superman

Yeah, we lost today. 4 nil. It was wet, it was raining (hence the wetness), and yet I didn’t enjoy it. What’s up with that?

Wait wait, it was fun. Don’t get me wrong, worth going to and all that. I’m just an old man now. My ankle hurts again, my knee still hurts from tackling last week, and my back hurts from sleeping funky. See what I mean? Old man. My team mate did tell me to cheer up though. Apparently, I didn’t look like my head was in the game (it wasn’t).

Check this bugger out. All I want for Christmas, is stuff. Two games of indoor tomorrow, should be fun. We’ll see how I hold up. In between all that, heaps of uni work to do. Woo! Study is somewhat appealing these days (see? Old man).

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