Hawk Eyes

3 – 1 win today. Sure we played against a 10 man team for the first half. Sure we were still tired as mofo’s playing them. Sure the victory was not as sweet for those very reasons. Sure I personally felt a greater sense of achievement when we drew a game from 2 nil down in the last 5mins, two weeks ago. It doesn’t change the fact, that it is our first win of the season. Woo hoo(!)

In other news, heaps of work needs to be done. Heaps and heaps. It’s kinda good, kinda bad. Good ’cause I get to stay busy, bad ’cause I’m busy.

Oh, did you know? Oysters have no tongues. True? I’m not sure, I just made it up. Google that shit.

Want to see more? Check the shizzle out.

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