Tandem Biking

The flight back was not as enduring as the flight over. I guess, knowing what to expect, things just went a lot more fluidly.

It was hard to leave. Before I went over, it felt like a dream, while I was there, the only thing that spoiled it a little was knowing that it was only temporary and now that I’m back “home”, it still feels like it was a dream. If it wasn’t for the pictures I took, I would probably still think it was one.

It’s cold here. How fitting. Friends are happy to see me, as I am to see them. The familiar green of the trees and hillsides, along with the dark tarmac is nice too. Back to the coal mines, I guess.

It was pointed out to me, that due to the time difference, I miss out on Monday entirely. So if ever someone were to ask, “Hey bro, what’d you do on Monday the 12th of July, 2010?” I could sincerely respond with, “Nothing.”

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