Electro Dancing, With a Side of Lemon Cake

So today was Canada Day, the day Canada got their liberation thingie-ma-bob from ze Germans. Wait, I meant the Brits. Here’s what some people got up to (though none of them peoples were around me):

To celebrate Canada Day, I had Tim Horton’s. This, is Tim Horton’s:

There’s nothing more quintessentially Canadian, except some other stuff, than Tim Horton’s. Stick it Dunkin’ Donuts! For over charging me for your fucking good ass donuts. I got a dozen, of equally uber fantastic sweetened flour for less than $5! Even after the currency conversion, that’s a fuck load less than the $18 you charge me.

Oh, and here’s the goodies:

Yeah, that’s right beetches, be jealous. It be good shizzle, and I ate it faster than a hungry kid, who’s extra hungry. That’s right, I said it.

Oh, and some more random pics, that I took for fun:

Happy Canada Day!!

FYI, I went all the fuck through Wal-Mart to find a fucking Canada T-Shirt, and what did I find? Sweet fuck all. A mega store, with nothing. Not even a fucking Twinkie.

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