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Hawk Eyes

3 – 1 win today. Sure we played against a 10 man team for the first half. Sure we were still tired as mofo’s playing them. Sure the victory was not as sweet for those very reasons. Sure I personally felt a greater sense of achievement when we drew a game from 2 nil down in the last 5mins, two weeks ago. It doesn’t change the fact, that it is our first win of the season. Woo hoo(!)

In other news, heaps of work needs to be done. Heaps and heaps. It’s kinda good, kinda bad. Good ’cause I get to stay busy, bad ’cause I’m busy.

Oh, did you know? Oysters have no tongues. True? I’m not sure, I just made it up. Google that shit.

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Holy crap, I’ve really fallen behind on this blog thing. I’ve been busy ok?? Sheesh. Anyways, the above picture is Terry Border’s. Neat huh? Check out Dave Devries as well. That man makes some wicked great stuff.

I shall leave you, with a picture of a dog. A cute dog. By the name of…[insert name here].

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Dodgy Wodgy Podgy Lodgy Hodgy

Ya know, ever since I’ve been back, I’ve felt slightly more relaxed and somewhat calmer. I’ve been sleeping a lil’ better too. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s ’cause of a bad thing. It feels good anyhow, better than how I would feel ‘as per normal’ before I left. We’ll see if anything positive comes out of it though.

Classes are ok, still have to sort out one last one, and then everything should be set for me to tackle. Looking forward to soccer again too now, even though I’m more unfit than pork bean salad.

Peace out wigga g’s!

Super Mattress

Ok, so what’s happened since I’ve been back? Not much, just the regular daily grind. Classes, soccer (we drew on Saturday – celebrated like we won though), and trying not to get as sick as possible.

I’ve got a pretty hardcore headache, like someone constantly punching me in the skull, and am feeling pretty craptacular in general. So good to be back(!).

Tandem Biking

The flight back was not as enduring as the flight over. I guess, knowing what to expect, things just went a lot more fluidly.

It was hard to leave. Before I went over, it felt like a dream, while I was there, the only thing that spoiled it a little was knowing that it was only temporary and now that I’m back “home”, it still feels like it was a dream. If it wasn’t for the pictures I took, I would probably still think it was one.

It’s cold here. How fitting. Friends are happy to see me, as I am to see them. The familiar green of the trees and hillsides, along with the dark tarmac is nice too. Back to the coal mines, I guess.

It was pointed out to me, that due to the time difference, I miss out on Monday entirely. So if ever someone were to ask, “Hey bro, what’d you do on Monday the 12th of July, 2010?” I could sincerely respond with, “Nothing.”

Spandex Rules The World

Do you know how much a 4L container of engine oil is here? $13. That’s fucking ridiculous. How is the water? Hard. Very, hard.  How’s the weather? Pretty damn good so far, but it is not winter. How’s the food? Not bad, the fast food tastes pretty good at least. How are they people? Not bad, eh.

Since there’s two national languages, all the packaging has both English and French printing. You would think I’d have picked up on some words by now, on my path to becoming trilingual right? Wrong.


So the 3D thing for movies, is taking over the world. It happened in the 70’s, when it was around for a few years before the novelty wore out. Now it’s back and it’s coming out to tv? Sigh.

Oooh! Yellow!

Side note: A&W Root Beer, ftw.