Glasses and Ping Pong Balls

Ages ago, it rained. It rained a lot. But it was uber fantastic. Yay for wet weather.

Alright, a treat for you fellas today. It’s a bombardment of imagery, from my latest adventures. It’s ze city, and ze mall.

You have your tall buildings, and some other stuff.

Part of the second story, of a mall. Neat-o. It was reasonably quiet. Would’ve been lame sauce if I had to dodge every fucker while trying to navigate my way through this paddock.

A faux beach swimming pool…Indoors. It’s funny, since I’m so used to living near the ocean, I’m only used to seeing people tan on ze sand. Here, people tan inside, as well as at parks.

A pirate ship… with water and stuff. I could’ve made a bad joke, saying the winds really took them to far off lands, and trouble here. But I won’t.

There was a seal show as well, it did tricks and stuff. I wonder if it has ever pooped in front of ze audience?

IKEA! It’s Swedish, you know?

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