Jabba Wabba Ding Dong

A foggy morning… the train was ghosty like, and everything. Just kidding. It’s a just a train. I mean, come on. Too much tv for you!

Ze Mountain! Was uber. Look at that shit. Really, look at it.                             Just. Look. At. It. Fucker.

Another example of everything being on another scale here. Isn’t she beautiful? Seriously. Just. Look…you get the point.

Pretty…massive Tourist Centre. Legit logs were used for those poles thingies too. It’s the shiz. Fyi, a girl who’s had one too many prozacs, works there. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Don’t go too fast, ’cause if the rams don’t get ya, the cops will…once they get out of McDonalds.

$1 for any sized soft drink! With their large sizes being mega sized; what a bargain!


    • C.
    • June 22nd, 2010

    Hun, love the pics! Keep ’em coming, they are about as close as I’ll ever get to Canada!!
    Missin ya, and hope you’re enjoying yourself!!!

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