Poi E

I’m still trying to get used to the long long long, long days. It’s rained a few times now, it’s nice! The days are so long though, 5 am sunrise, 11pm sunsets. That’s insane. FIFA World Cup, only 2days away! Woo.

Starting to get used to the Pontiacs, and such. Fucking Dodge Rams, and Ford F250’s. Everything is on a different scale here. The stores are bigger, the cars are bigger, even the fucking ants are bigger. The accents make me smile, I met a rather hearty lady who asked if New Zealand had snow. I lol’d inside.

Everything’s going ok so far, can’t complain. It’s good to break the routine of my mundane life back home. I do miss the soccer, so very much, it will be difficult to stay fit so I won’t struggle for too long when I get back but it’s worth it. Only a few days in, but it’s still smiles all ’round.

Until next time…Same Bat time, same Bat channel. Ok, maybe not the time, but the same channel. Actually, not even the channel, but you get my drift (you know where to find me at least – ’cause you’re a stalker).

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