The Muu Ha Ha

I was thinking, for a person, it’s the whole “Your sister sucks great cock thing.” But…it’s a snake…and the snake’s sister would also be a snake. That kind of makes this joke not funny. I guess this is why people don’t like telling me jokes, ’cause I ruin it with my over literal thinking.

But seriously, it’s a snake! Snakes aren’t renowned for blowjob skills are they. Perhaps, this is a joke that references beastiality? Ew. Oh, and why is the snake talking to the Capybara? Fuck it, moving on…

I want these. How cool are they huh? Wicked cool, that’s how cool they are. Pretending to wear bacon strips on your persons? Take that Nelly! Wait, what’s that? YOU want to BUY ME some?? Mate! You’re a legend. Go ahead, it’d be much obliged. Get some for yourself too! We could be plasters-that-look-like-bacon-strips-wearing buddies! Exciting.

The weekend has been ok. Slowly getting through the list of things that need to be done. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about this trip. I am looking forward to it though. Maybe closer to the date, I’ll get nervous and start giggling like a lil’ school girl or something. Would busting out into the outfit be going too far?

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