Superman Doesn’t Do Blondes

What is it with me and eggs? I boiled one just perfectly, with the yolk still a lil’ runny, only to have it mess up my kitchen floor. Lame. There are people starving out there, and I’m clumsy enough to drop my damn egg. Uber lame.

A thought occurred to me today, that people in general, reveal more than we think we do. With our attitudes, our behaviours, and our choices. It’s true that people can be one of the most devious creatures on Earth, but how much can we actually hide? and how hard would it be?

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Here we go, some more ramble about some random crap no one understands but him”, but follow me on this one. Think about it, our houses, our cars, our lifestyles; they all reflect our situation within our environment, but it goes deeper than that. Why buy that particular couch? Why buy that particular shirt? Why go out on a Friday night to have rice risotto? Ok ok, so far, my point is probably lost in my lack of eloquence, but I know what I’m getting at, so there!

Point is, perhaps that’s the key to knowing more about the people around you. Listening for more than words, and seeing more than what is expressly shown.

In other news, I have noodles that didn’t spill, they are waiting for me right now. Actually, I’m waiting for them to soften up so I can devour it. After that, it’s back to work on my uni assignments.

I’m back into eating rice too! Man, I forgot how good it tastes.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, winter is fast approaching. With the colder weather, it is harder and harder to be warm, it’s almost like the cold saps away all the heat around it. Most people choose to huddle up and go into an almost hibernation like state during the winter. Why not do the opposite and be active? Exercise, or any mid to high intensity activity is a great way to generate body heat, as well as stay fit. So I propose we head out and keep up our summer runs, or take up a winter sport. You’ll stay warm, and by the time summer comes around, you won’t have anything to make up for.

  1. Everythings eventual.

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