Peanuts, anyone? I’m typing this blog, with my newly found fingerless gloves! It’s that damn cold. Perhaps I should put some pants on….I’ve only got shorts on at the mo’ – perv. It’s both odd and difficult typing with these things on, not helped by the fact that I broke the letter ‘P’ on my keyboard. Lame sauce. So what’s the haps today? Winter is nearly here. It’s fucking cold. Hoorah! A lot to sort out and get done within the next two weeks. Hopefully, with it all out-of-the-way, I would’ve earned my break, and will get to happily enjoy it for all its glory.

You may be wondering, “OH! Don’t forget us! YOU HAVE TO keep blogging, enlightening us with tales of your never-ending adventures outside your house!” Well, the answer is: maybe. I probably will forget you lot, since most of you are only a part of my imagination – which doesn’t come into action very often. I’m sure you’ll handle it.

This particular picture was taken by a Miss Christenson, who put their stuff on the internet. “WOW’ you’re thinking. That’s right, mo’ fo’, look that shit up. So how does this relate to anything? Didn’t you know? Peanuts and snow go great together! Man, you fellas need to go back to school. Anyways, this is somewhere in the vast land of Canada. The snow, is something I most likely won’t see, pretty much guaranteed not like that at least. Top marks if you guessed that’s because the picture was taken in the winter, and I’m heading over in the late spring. You, may not need to go back to school after all. Just kidding, of course you do. Learning is a never-ending process, some people are just better at it than others. Don’t beat yourself up about it, even though it is your fault everyday for you, is a proverbial ‘Blonde Day’.

Btw, there’s a wonky ass website that claims to entertain you while it times your eggs for you. That’s right, google that shit.

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