Coffee, anyone?

No idea who drew this. Lemme know if you do, so I can give them the proper acknowledgements.

We both know you can identify with this. No matter how ‘polite’ or ‘nice’ you claim to be. Sometimes, it’s just how it has to be.

I do wonder, what is up with little kids always sticking shit in their mouth??? What is it in their minds, that make them think putting random stuff in their mouth, and sometimes eating/swallowing it a good idea? This is definitely something not covered in my psych classes. We did the development phases and all that stuff, but damnit, I’m still flabbergasted about this thing.

Perhaps, it’s where the eating random shit when you’re older comes from. Like the dude who eats metal and glass, or that woman who ate several sets of cutlery. Some people just never learn.

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