Pin the Tail On Your Monkey

It’s cloudy today. I did my washing last night, so now I’m in a bit of a predicament. Lamesauce.

I’ve started taking some Omega-3, in the hopes that it will make me healthier, and build stronger foundations in my brain for learning. I don’t know if they’re working, especially since I’ve been sick. In fact, I’ve never really been too good at assessing the effectiveness of much when it relates to me. Sure, I can say I don’t like you because you’re a moron with less to offer this world than the plague. Ask me though, if I think the Panadol worked? My answer would most likely be, “Sure. I guess.”

On that note, maybe the reason why, when asked how I am, my reply is always, “I’m ok.”

One thing I’m very certain on though; is my love of food. Fuck I love food. Back in first year, living in the hostel, the food served gave me a bit of a belleh. Part of that was due to my lack of inactivity as well. Now, even though I’ve gained 1 or 2 kilograms, I’m still not as chubby as I was then. I think my bones have gotten heavier. Especially the one in my pants!! Haha…immature I know. Your mum loves it, so deal with it.

Now, let’s party like it’s 1999.

  1. Speaking of my mom… she said you were suppose to come by last night about 10, but you never showed, she then had to hump a monkey, but it all turned out ok, he atleast didn’t jizz in her hair.

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