Blindfolds and Leotards

So the clouds turned into rain. Heavy rain. That was both pretty, and orchestral with a symphony of wind rustles and water droplets splashing against the fence in a wonderful harmony. Add the sound of the train rumbling by with its low growl, and you’ll have the sound of my backyard this afternoon. It’s a steely grey the sky, no obvious sunshine – not with the blanket of clouds. I like it. It feels like Autumn, it looks like Autumn, it finally is Autumn. Hoo-fucking-ray. It’s about fucking time.

The temperature dropped ages ago, unlike a prepubescent’s balls. The sun shone in the day, and would always eventually bring it back up to a warming 20ish degrees by mid afternoon. Great for warming my room in preparation for the night. Crap for when you want an Autumn to be an Autumn. With the arrival of the rain, it seems it brought the season with it. So with no more complaints, the pitch will be ready for the matches to come. Even if I am missing a whole bunch of them – this trip better be the best motherfucking trip since the King of Macedonia’s trek across Europe. Who am I kidding? Of course it will. I’ll be in great company, with the infamous can-do attitude of New Zealanders. Well let’s not get too ahead of myself. Let’s just say, it better be!

I now, officially have a degree. I got it in the mail today.

  1. Who says all Leo’s are tards? I’ve heard from an unreliable source that there’s some Geminitards out there too…

  2. Your jokes are lame.

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