Let There Be Light!

You remember when I said I’m going somewhere next month?? It’s Canada!! Isn’t that grand? We’ll see. I’ve heard rumours that people there are a pain in the butt. Or perhaps that’s just one or two.

Don’t you just hate it, when love takes over? It totally screws with your sense of everything. Your sense of perspective, your sense of self-control, your sense of [insert some shit here]. No wonder there are so many bitter people out there, and even more who are afraid of embracing love. Love is a bitch. For example, my love of food, makes me do ridiculous things. I would literally, go for a tiki tour in the middle of the fucking night, just to go get some. Not because I’m uber hungry. Not because I’m craving something in particular. Just because I love the fucking thing. Needless to say, when it comes to a person, I’m a complete mess. I’m sure they knew that too.

Well, time to go watch some people play footy wooty/soccer. Catch you on the flipside yo.

OH! Did you know? Food today is fucking expensive? It’s incredible.

    • C.
    • May 10th, 2010

    Love sucks dude. We all know it. Makes a person crazy, makes them insane. 😀

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