Jesus, wept.

Gosh, I’ve finally finished the first part of my essay.  I was thinking, “Hmmm…this should be about 1400 words worth of material. Right?” WRONG. 2500 words, and 7 hours later….I’m writing this blog, almost in celebration? Just to let it out at least. It’s one of those moments where you just wanna run around screaming, “BOO YA MOTHERFuckER!!” Never felt that way before? Maybe you’re just not crazy. Either that, or you’re a square.

The mountain is still not yet conquered however.  I’ve definitely underestimated this assignment, and I’ve still got part 2 (the longer, more in-depth part) to write. THANKFULLY, I’ve got help. After that, there’s the labs.

Busy busy bee. If there was a Queen bee, I’d stab her right about now, and tell her to go fuck herself.

But! It’s not all that bad, being busy isn’t completely a bad thing. Being stressed is what sucks – although I did bring it upon myself with my awful habit of procrastinating.  “It’s the bed you’ve made.” Fucking a, what a mess! Love it.

Did you know? Iguanas can flick aluminium/aluminum cans six feet in the air with their tongue? You didn’t? Fair enough, I just made that shit up.

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