Wait, Water is Slightly Alkaline?

Soooooo…..Barca lost. An hour, against ten men and they lost. Their attack seemed dull and lack lustre until the last ten mins where something clicked, and a sense of desperation kicked in. Of course, Inter’s defense was solid, while doing all they could to slow the game down, and make it as crap as possible – with blatant time-wasting, and interrupted play.

As much as I support Barca, for once in a long while, I’m not left wondering if the better team (of the day at least) lost.

Training tonight was ok. No major dramas like last night’s; where we lost a key player with another most likely soon to follow. Talk about bad timing, the players were saying how just as the team started to gel, this shit had to happen.

Enough blah’ing. The blog is boring and mundane enough as it is.

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