Up until then, I guess I just always ate worms.

So after watching The Never Ending Story, I was reminded about how I’ve always thought Falkor’s back was a lil’ icky. Not too sure why I’ve always been so superficial about it, but even when I was a lil’ kid, I thought what the fuck is up with that shit? (Quite possibly with a different vocabulary back then).

Good story otherwise – might end up watching the second and third installments as well. It did take six years for the sequel though, so that should be interesting. There’s something about the fairytale-esque feeling of it. The Princess Bride, is very reminiscent of it. Perhaps that’s part of its charm?

Fact: The director of The Never Ending Story also directed Das Boot, Troy, and The Perfect Storm.

Fact: On a crappier note, he also directed, Poseidon.

Fact: The Princess Bride, and The Never Ending Story, were made three years apart.

Fact: I will be doing your mum, tonight. Like every other night. In the bum.

    • Rose
    • April 27th, 2010

    Fact: the overuse of the word fact is reminisce of the over use of your mom and can cause cancer of the said bum. The Sturgeon General recommends using Fiction, as it is more loosely based… much like YOUR mom.

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