Just Spray It All Over My Face

It’s raining!! That’s wicked news. My washing was dry, just in time too.

The rain is coming down not all heavy and psycho storm like (even though those are uber fantastico), it’s coming down in small droplets and in patches. So that will mean….the ground – as dry and fucking holy shit hard and crusty like omfg you won’t believe it – won’t get swamped. Instead, the water will have time to soak in, and soften it! Can you say, great news for the training fields, and the match pitches??? Well I can, so whatever to you, mo’ fo’!

I’m so happy. Kinda. Not really. It’s still great news though, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing quite like a cloudy day, with rain falling down from the clouds like some Omniscient being taking a golden fresh water shower on us all. EW. Haha. But seriously, rain…totally rules.

Now here’s where I reach out, like Madonna, to you lot. Tell me, fellow bloggers/readers/stalkers/etc…what do YOU think of cloudy day rains? Or rain in general? Or storms? Or basically anything that is grey, wet, and is not your mum?

    • Rose
    • April 27th, 2010

    What kind of rainbows do golden showers make?

    • fitslikeaglove
    • May 3rd, 2010

    Oi Kiwi – you know how I feel about cold rainy days. I’m just not sure if Rose does….but strangly enough I want to know!! LOL

    I love reading your blog – it makes mine seem like a pathetic emo cry – part of the reason I always read yours after I post! Always makes me smile.

    Catch up for a midnight chat next week dude!


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