And I was like, “Oh that’s right! You’ve got herpes….”

I just watched a cool as game. Clint and I sat on the hill watching the first half, like two estranged lovers reunited. It was romantic, with the lazy sun high above our heads, and the cool breeze brushing past our faces.

In all seriousness though, it was a good view, stadium like even. It started off well, the Uni team was up 2 – 0 in the first 10 minutes with good plays, and dynamic movement….and then it all fell apart. We conceded 1, then 2 goals within 30 mins of the first half. You could see their confidence was faltering.

Come second half, and the confidence was still waning. UNTIL WE SCORED THE 3RD GOAL!! Great individual effort, dribbling past 2 players, with deft touches and uber poise, followed by a text-book strike chipping it slightly over the keeper with a defender pushing. It was…wicked. The fourth and final goal was slightly less dramatic, but still wonderful. With quick reactions, and great control, the ball was shot straight back into the back of the net with brute force from the other team’s goal kick. What can I say? EXCEPT, FUCK YEAH MO’ FO’!

A few things I picked up from today’s outing:

Physics in action, is kinda neat. I can never get used to seeing a ball being punted around, and hearing it a few short moments later. It always makes me feel like my senses are failing me. Doesn’t matter though, BECAUSE WE WON!

Also, nature is fucking clingy man. If you’re sitting still in one spot, within the natural environment, count on the little fucking creatures to crawl all over ya, as if you’re the dirt they live in. What is with this shit? Is nature trying to fucking assimilate you or something? I mean, come on. Stop bugging me! See what I did thar? But, even that doesn’t matter….BECAUSE WE WON!

Did I mention? WE WON! Haha…fuckers.

    • fitslikeaglove
    • April 26th, 2010

    LOL’ing! Yeah you won!

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