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Mustard Gas

OMG, so much work to do. I feel emo. How does that even make sense? I’m not sure.

A giant penis attacked a man last night. No charges were laid. Get it? Haha. Ok fine, it was a bit of a stretch, but fuck me! Get over it.

Christopher (Ronald) Walken, is the man. Just putting it out there. I read about him on IMDB about oh…twenty million years ago or so. Some interesting things in there. I had to go watch his scene he did as Captain Koon in Pulp Fiction after that – it was hilarious (not just ’cause of the content, but his delivery just sold it so well).

Oh, Oh! Did you know? MJ is dead. He like, totally like, died last year. Like, O M G!

Soccer tomorrow! Wish me luck again.


Wait, Water is Slightly Alkaline?

Soooooo…..Barca lost. An hour, against ten men and they lost. Their attack seemed dull and lack lustre until the last ten mins where something clicked, and a sense of desperation kicked in. Of course, Inter’s defense was solid, while doing all they could to slow the game down, and make it as crap as possible – with blatant time-wasting, and interrupted play.

As much as I support Barca, for once in a long while, I’m not left wondering if the better team (of the day at least) lost.

Training tonight was ok. No major dramas like last night’s; where we lost a key player with another most likely soon to follow. Talk about bad timing, the players were saying how just as the team started to gel, this shit had to happen.

Enough blah’ing. The blog is boring and mundane enough as it is.

Snails Don’t Eat Mice…Do They?

Good news! My ankle is supposedly in the final stages of healing! It still feels wonky, but physio lady said if I keep stretching it and doing the exercises, I should be right in a few more weeks! FUCK YEAH!

I’ve got class, and then training after. A birthday get together after that?? Finally, I have to go back to uni, to finish off more work. Hoorah…

What have you fellas been doing, random strangers of the world? By random strangers, I’m pretty much referring to myself – since no one reads this blog, except for me (as I write it). makes you wonder. How much of a stranger are we, to ourselves?


Just Spray It All Over My Face

It’s raining!! That’s wicked news. My washing was dry, just in time too.

The rain is coming down not all heavy and psycho storm like (even though those are uber fantastico), it’s coming down in small droplets and in patches. So that will mean….the ground – as dry and fucking holy shit hard and crusty like omfg you won’t believe it – won’t get swamped. Instead, the water will have time to soak in, and soften it! Can you say, great news for the training fields, and the match pitches??? Well I can, so whatever to you, mo’ fo’!

I’m so happy. Kinda. Not really. It’s still great news though, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing quite like a cloudy day, with rain falling down from the clouds like some Omniscient being taking a golden fresh water shower on us all. EW. Haha. But seriously, rain…totally rules.

Now here’s where I reach out, like Madonna, to you lot. Tell me, fellow bloggers/readers/stalkers/etc…what do YOU think of cloudy day rains? Or rain in general? Or storms? Or basically anything that is grey, wet, and is not your mum?

Up until then, I guess I just always ate worms.

So after watching The Never Ending Story, I was reminded about how I’ve always thought Falkor’s back was a lil’ icky. Not too sure why I’ve always been so superficial about it, but even when I was a lil’ kid, I thought what the fuck is up with that shit? (Quite possibly with a different vocabulary back then).

Good story otherwise – might end up watching the second and third installments as well. It did take six years for the sequel though, so that should be interesting. There’s something about the fairytale-esque feeling of it. The Princess Bride, is very reminiscent of it. Perhaps that’s part of its charm?

Fact: The director of The Never Ending Story also directed Das Boot, Troy, and The Perfect Storm.

Fact: On a crappier note, he also directed, Poseidon.

Fact: The Princess Bride, and The Never Ending Story, were made three years apart.

Fact: I will be doing your mum, tonight. Like every other night. In the bum.

Oy vey…

Microblog, ftw!

But really, he cranked it up like MJ on steroids.

You know, as full of it as I am; I’m finding it harder and harder to write crap on here. It’s like, my limitless well of bullshit is running out. WTF?

Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe I’m getting old, and jaded. Or maybe…I’m just fucking with ya. Either way, let’s see some boobies! J/K. Punk. I’ll be back later with some more lame ness. I really am running on empty right now. Booyakasha.